Product Review: GEMS Activity Tracker

Yesterday, I went shopping for some food at Target. While I was wandering around, I found this “Activity Tracker” from a brand name GEMS for 5 (!!) dollars. I first thought they only had the black one, but behind the black one was this purple coloured fella. ❤️ The “active me” immediately screamed “BUY THIS”, so I […]

Not Your Typical Dutch Podcast Number One: Those Darn Entitled Millennials Who Always Complain!

A music meets blabber podcast, hosted by your favourite roving reporter. This show’s theme: Those darn, entitled millennials! I hope you enjoy the stories about those fragile snowflakes. 😉 You will hear music from Shineback, Jonathan Wilson, No-Man, Northlane, Home, and Katatonia. Guest host: Lola the cat! NOTE: Sorry for the abrupt ending of the […]

Not Your Typical Dutch Podcast Number Zero: The Test Podcast

Yay, a new podcast! The most unprepared music podcast you will ever hear by your favourite roving reporter! You will hear music from Frost*, Paul Draper, Steven Wilson, Amplifier, OSI, JOLLY, and Tim Bowness! … And in between tracks you will hear some weird, low quality blabber… Please let me know what you want to […]

Different kinds of Frost*

The mighty Frost* will release new music (hopefully) very soon. According to InsideOut Music they will release a new album, live album, and reissues of the back catalogue. Most of my friends, fans, and followers know that I’m a big fan of Jem Godfrey and co, and I really can’t wait! Progressive rock fans are […]